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  • God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

    Jul 27, 14 • ADHD, Featured, Life Goals, TheologyNo Comments
    God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

    ADHD, bad luck, poor timing, and life is not fair, are just a few of the thoughts crossing my mind when I justify why I have not reached my goals. Reality says I am not going to win the lottery tomorrow. Just like my body does not respond well to eating jelly donuts and sitting [&hellip...

  • Ayn Rand Changed My Life

    Jul 24, 14 • Featured, Life Goals, Memoirs, Writing1 Comment
    Ayn Rand Changed My Life

    Everyday I write reviews, copy, or content for others, but when it comes to writing for me, I am lacking. I don’t know if it because I’m lazy, discouraged, or just afraid, but I have not been producing like I should. I love to read prose by skilled writers, and often I stop in the [&hellip...

  • Why I Don’t Fit Into Society

    Why I Don’t Fit Into Society

    I have always felt like the triangle block being forced into a round hole. It might be due to my conservative, Pentecostal upbringing, or possibly because while my friends were praying-through, playing sports, or working on figuring out the fairer sex, I was oblivious to reality. I was off in my own world somewhere else, having [&hellip...