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  • Why I Don’t Fit Into Society

    Apr 28, 14 • Fiction, Life Goals, Memoirs, Writing3 Comments
    Why I Don’t Fit Into Society

    I have always felt like the triangle block being forced into a round hole. It might be due to my conservative, Pentecostal upbringing, or possibly because while my friends were praying-through, playing sports, or working on figuring out the fairer sex, I was oblivious to reality. I was off in my own world somewhere else, having [&hellip...

  • Can Humans “Feel” God?

    Apr 24, 14 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Can Humans “Feel” God?

    Because the English language is so robust and ambiguous, there is a lot of room for error when trying to understand a person’s viewpoint. Not only are definitions hard to pin down, but application becomes complicated as well. It is possible I don’t fully grasp Jillette’s concept of “thinking” and “feeling,” but to me they [&hellip...

  • One Nation Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For All

    One Nation Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For All

    Many times I hear the Americanized phrase, “never talk about politics or religion in polite company.” I am sure this concept is intended to keep the peace, and in truth, if people are unable to be kind, considerate and thoughtful, maybe they should keep quiet. However, it seems to me, as a result of our [&hellip...