Ayn Rand Changed My Life

The Writer in Me

The Writer

Everyday I write reviews, copy, or content for others, but when it comes to writing for me, I am lacking. I don’t know if it because I’m lazy, discouraged, or just afraid, but I have not been producing like I should. I love to read prose by skilled writers, and often I stop in the middle of a paragraph and just admire the beautiful stylized text by a talented author, yet I keep waking up and telling myself I am going to do better tomorrow. It rarely happens. Today I saw a documentary on the life of Ayn Rand, and stumbled on a quote from her that shook me to my core. In her early years before she had widespread success she journaled these words to herself:

 “From now on—no thought whatever about yourself, only about your work. You don’t exist! You are only a writing engine! Don’t stop until you really and honestly know that you cannot go on. Stop admiring yourself, you are nothing—yet.”–Ayn Rand

 Not long after this, her big break came. I don’t write on my novel for fame and fortune, although that would be nice. I write because something inside me compels me to tell my story. I want to share it, and at times it consumes me. Just a few weeks ago after my wreck, I had to go through the claustrophobia that is only experienced in an MRI machine. While laying there afraid and in pain I had a complete chapter form in my head, and I was so inspired developing it for just a few moments I forgot about all my troubles. Starting NOW, I don’t exist. I am only a writing engine! And I won’t stop until I really and honestly know that I cannot go on. Even if it is garbage, I am going to produce everyday and eventually it won’t be garbage; it will be my completed story.


  1. Michael Davenport says:

    Good stuff. You are a machine in the hands of One greater than yourself.