No Subject is Taboo – When You Are Honest

PSF Writing copyI enjoy writing, but it is difficult to find time.  I started a blog almost 10 years ago for the purpose of improving both my discipline and my writing skills.  Unfortunately, it only helped for a few months; in less than a year I grew apathetic and lost my focus.  I have had this blog location set up for a couple of years but have waited to use it until I was ready to make a commitment.  I believe I am at that point.

You might ask, “What is the purpose of writing?”  That is a great question with many answers.  These are the three primary motivations for me:


  • 1)  It’s great therapy and helps me bring all the loose thoughts running through my brain into focus.  This in turn, brings a sense of peace and purpose, once I have put my thoughts down.
  • 2)  It is an important part of rhetoric.  I never knew the true definition of this word until last year.  I want to master the art of rhetoric, and developing my writing is one way to do that.  A person who has mastered the art of rhetoric is valuable at almost all levels.  Career, spirituality, family, entertainment, etc. . . the list goes on and on.
  • 3)  I am glad that someone took the time to write books for me since I love to read.  Sometimes I look for specific kinds of literature, and some has not been written.  That means I have first dibs on writing these novels.


With these things in mind, I plan on spending a little time on here every week.  What am I going to write about? EVERYTHING!  This blog will probably deal with all the things going on in my life.  No subject is taboo.  You have been warned.