Pt. 1 – Leadership Notes From the Movie “Glory”

The graphic violence in the first few scenes displays how intense war can be.  This is a perfect example of how important leadership is during trying times.  If someone takes a stand for what they believe in, others will have a tendency to follow.  However, once a person starts running away from what they have professed, the fear becomes infectious to those around them.  The death and aftermath also is an indication of why it is important pick your battles.  Make sure that what you are fighting is worth the effort.  You may have to take a stand and it can be confusing when the fight is the hottest.  Once you have committed to a specific purpose, be prepared.  Make plans on how to handle disaster and know when the effort is not going to produce maximum results.  There are times that a wise leader recognizes a lost cause and it may be a better strategy to retreat and fight another day.  This is a fine line to know balance of pushing ahead, when all seems lost or backing off to regroup and develop a new plan. 

 One item that stood out to me was a scene during the beginning of the movie when the soldiers formed rank and file and slowly marched to their death.  I know this was a common war tactic and perceived as honorable, but there are times that the situation calls for breaking tradition for the sake of a cause.  A full on charge may be more effective than a slow march.  There is both a psychological and emotional value to being proactive when facing serious situations.  A good leader will choose a tactic that is in the best interest of both the cause and those following him or her into that cause.  This will not only produce courage in others, but it will validate the cause by winning new converts that have followed poor leaders in the past.