Pt. 2 – Leadership Notes From the Movie “Glory”

At one point Shaw jumps in fear from the loud bang of a slamming window, this was a result of constant war and trauma.  It is common for humans to develop habits as the result of their surroundings.  Habits can be effective in one environment, and non-effective in another.  A good leader will recognize when a habit is no longer a benefit and change the behavior to be an appropriate response.  I have heard that “Habits can be the best of friends, or the worst of task-master’s.”  Good leaders know their strengths and weakness’s and adjust accordingly to maximize each action.

 I appreciated the internal conflict in the scene where Shaw is offered a position as Colonel.  He appears to be insecure about whether to accept it or not.  It is important for a leader to choose a cause that is worth investing time, energy, and money into.  If you do not believe in a cause, though still possible, it would be hard to motivate others to follow you.  It also seems important to recognize the tension of wondering if you are qualified, but that is possibly the best kind of person for a leadership position.  Often, those that crave power are not the ones we want to lead, because they cannot identify with the common man.  This element may be a critical component to success, depending on who they are leading.