Pt. 3 – Leadership Notes From the Movie “Glory”

I found it interesting that Thomas was willing to teach an equal to read.  He did not approach the man as a lesser.  This brought out the point that there are many levels and kinds of leadership.  Each individual may have a specific role to share a strength or quality with those around them.  We may not even know our own skill set, but when the opportunity comes to lead, we should be willing to use our abilities to aid others.  This is a style of leadership that may fall on our shoulders by default.  There are times that by proxy, your education, or your experience forces you into a leadership role. 

 Many times when people are gathered together, there is a bully in the crowd.  In most cases the person is dealing with an insecurity that is driving his or her behavior.  This is a great opportunity to communicate and lead someone that is exhibiting negative leadership skills.  Such was the case with Private Trip.  He needed someone to have confidence in him and once he was able to feel safe about supporting his cause, he no longer used negative leadership skills but adapted them to be used in a positive fashion.