Robin Williams, Suicide, Addiction, Depression, and Real Life

Robin Williams Album Cover

Robin Williams Album Cover

I could live happily ever after if I only had:

•  A better spouse/partner
•  Money in the bank
•  Good physical health
•  The big house on the hill
•  Job security
•  Another fix . . .

Ironically, none of these things can give us that elusive inner peace we humans search for in life nor do they appear to have satisfied Robin Williams hunger for something more. What is the magic ingredient to give us that elusive peace of mind we are all searching for? If you think you have never struggled with addiction… you are sadly mistaken. Contrary to popular belief, we all have addictions. Maybe not the chemical, psychological, or mainstream behavioral kind of dependencies, but it seems out of all the different life forms, we humans crave a sense of purpose.

•  Why am I here?
•  What is the meaning of life?
•  Is there a God, and does He have a plan for me?
•  Is this all there is?

Some of the greatest minds throughout history have heatedly debated these questions and still walked away without the answers. I personally believe you will never find empirical evidence for any of them, but that does not mean you cannot find peace of mind.

“I am grieving over the concept that such an incredibly gifted individual like Williams would reach a point in life where the most attractive solution was suicide.”

I am grieving over the concept that such an incredibly gifted individual like Williams would reach a point in life where the most attractive solution was suicide. I have been fortunate that my addictions have been more tangible than depression. I have been sober for over nineteen years, but the demon is never far from my mind. Likely I will go to my grave fighting to keep it at bay, but I am open about it, and there seems to be protection in transparency. I have had people scoff at me and look down at me in pity for not being able to control something as simple as a social drink, but it is a small price to pay for existing as the real me. I run into similar problems with my ADHD. I cannot ignore it, I must be aware of it, and be honest with myself, and others to channel my energy, or it will consume me.

Depression is a different animal. It likes to hide in the shadowy recesses of the mind, and tells destructive lies. It robs our freedom, security, and most importantly hope. Without hope, there seems no reason to go on. It feels like it would be so easy to just not exist. The path of least resistance is an escape hatch, away from the pain of living. However, depression is a liar. There is always hope. Even in the darkest most difficult situation, there is hope. It can be hard to find, but it is there. Just on the other side of the trial.

Don’t give up. You do make a difference. Talk to someone. Be open and you will find answers where you never expected to find them.

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  1. I enjoyed this post and your willingness to be open to share your personal life experiences.

  2. Amy says:

    “Some midnight hour if you should find your in a prison in your mind reach out and praise, defy those chains and they will fall in Jesus name!”

  3. Diana Garner says:

    Paul- great post. I have dealt with this demon & been told to ‘just think differently.’ Sadly, these individuals have no idea what they are talking about. I finally broke down & talked to my physician’s PA. She jumped right on it, prescribing me what I needed & closely monitored me until she had me where I need to be. I absolutely REFUSE into being embarrassed or ashamed of this. To my way of thinking, it’s no different than taking meds for blood sugar or wearing glasses. Diana

  4. admin says:

    Diana, you should not feel bad about it. You are absolutely correct, we all have some kind of imbalance, but the thought process during depression can be fatal if not addressed. I am glad you found some solutions. Thank you for reading!


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