Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth

Did Jesus Exist?

Did Jesus Exist?**

**Book Review**

Regardless of your stance on God or Christianity, this book is a must read for anyone interested in the facts about the historical evidence surrounding, “the man,” Jesus Christ. Bart Ehrman spends the first half of the book breaking down many of the misconceptions promoted by the “mythicists” camp, and then proceeds to build a solid foundation why historical sources (both biblical and secular) indicate a strong case for the existence of a literal Jewish man named Jesus, circa AD 30.

He carefully lays out the method scholars use to determine the validity of historical documents, and then explains why some can be trusted more than others. One of the things I like about Ehrman’s approach, is that he is an equal opportunity offender, and does not feel threatened by validating a biblical or Jewish position (much to the chagrin of atheist’s and agnostics) if he believes it to be true, but this two-edged sword is similarly painful for many Christians, because he brings up difficult questions about apparent inconsistencies in the Bible. The basic premise Ehrman closes the book with, is, yes, Jesus did exist, but no, he was not God.

I am sure he is aware of the vast hermeneutical differences amongst Judeo/Christian scholars, but he did not offer any indication of this disparity in his personal version of orthodox arguments and apologetics. This arrogant tone is not unusual for an Ehrman book, but if he had acknowledged multiple vantage points within the religious community, I would have given this book a five star review instead of a four since it is well written and backed up with facts addressing both the pro and con viewpoints.


Klingon’s, Christians, and Critics!

Klingon Lifestyles

I am constantly blown away by the blind arrogance of critical people. I have actually witnessed a guy dressed up like a Klingon, tell me, “Christians are stupid, and only a complete moron would participate in that kind of stuff.”  I’ve also listened to the penniless literary snob, scoffing at the pitiful writing style of Stephenie Meyer’s.  Another time, I chuckled listening to a preacher behind the pulpit of a 15-person congregation expose Joel Osteen as a charlatan, shouting, “he doesn’t know how to preach the real gospel.” And lastly, I knew a homeless musician explain how “Madonna doesn’t know how to sing or entertain an audience.”


In the end, each of us has a pet peeve, or a person that agitates us, but what value is there in building yourself up through demeaning other people. Ultimately, what a person chooses to believe (or not believe), how he or she lives, will manifest a destiny. At the end of our lives, it’s not all about the money, the fame, or the glory, but it’s how we feel about our existence (No Jesus Juking allowed). I don’t dismiss the importance of responsibility, discipline, and goal setting, but doesn’t history teach us that some of the greatest icons in each of these areas failed miserably in finding true happiness?

Today I encourage you to get up off your tail, and go make the world a better place. Be a friend to someone who doesn’t have a friend, write something nice for a person who annoys you, help an underdog feel appreciated, or just be nice, because it is the right thing to do. Remember, it is never wrong to do right, and it is never right to do wrong. Even your criticism can have a purpose.

P.S.      Oh, I forgot one additional annoying person… I know this self-righteous blogger, who schemes up creative ways to get people to read. Geez, those kind of folks are the worst!

P.P.S.   Tune in to my next blog to learn why Joss Whedon and Jesus Christ are two of my favorite people!