Why You Should Start 2013 Rockin’ to Van Halen

Life-Stream-blogInvest five minutes into your future by listening to the song, Right Now (Album Version), from Van Halen.  Although, Sammy Hagar brings his A-Game to this cut, and IMHO this could be one of Eddie Van Halen’s best guitar solos, neither will provide you with the inspiration and wisdom found within the lyrics.  Somehow, brilliant philosophy finds its way into music, and bridges the gaps found in our daily lives.


Meditate on this motivational masterpiece, and use it to practice these life-changing tips you can do, Right Now!

1) Listen to Van Halen
2) Eat healthier
3) Stop Smoking
4) Exercise more
5) Lower your stress
6) Drink less alcohol

Scientific statistics show that participating or not participating in one or all of the above activities will increase your quality, and quantity of life. Okay, I admit I don’t have data for the first bullet point, but you get the idea. However, the other five items come from Alan Deutschman’s book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity where he builds a strong case that change is possible, but just knowing “what to do” is not always enough to alter your lifestyle, even when the consequences might be fatal.

We have all heard the famous AA definition about how; one form of insanity is repeating the same actions, while expecting different results. In this context, there is truth to this statement. What is stopping you from taking the next step? Make a difference in your company, family, church, community, or _________, by starting today.  Take baby steps at first, then work your way up to bigger challenges.

One additional resource to begin 2013 with is David Allen’s 2002 book, Change or Die One focal point in this book is to isolate the things you want to do, and determine what steps you need to take to make it reality.

Now, is the magic moment to start with The Man In The Mirror and make a change.