The Dali Lama Has the Secret to Success

What is the meaning of life?

Why am I here?

Do I have a purpose?

Who am I?

What should I do?

These questions have been pondered since the beginning of time.  Humans are supposedly the only known species capable of the existential thought process.  We go to work to make money, so we can buy things that promise happiness.  Homes, vehicles, toys, vacations, clothes, and countless other products and services.  What do we really get out of the deal?  I once listened to a Hindu priest speak about accumulating natural substance? And some interesting points were brought up.  Here is my simple paraphrase of the discussion.

If I own a dented, economy car. . . no one will want to steal it, I won’t worry about where I park., or whether to lock it.  Who cares if someone dings it or keys it?  No big deal to avoid carwashes and wax jobs.  Overall this makes life simple.

However, since my public image is so important, I would rather drive a nice car. . .

The first thing I would do is buy really nice racing rims, and knowing they would look and ride terrible by themselves, it would lead me to purchase low profile tires. Naturally, I can’t be seen without the exterior always looking clean and freshly waxed, so I’ll visit the carwash regularly.  Since I don’t want people touching it, or birds bombing it, or God forbid, it gets dented or scratched in a parking lot, I will park way out in the back forty when I visit the mall to keep everyone away.  Also, I paid a premium for a high-end stereo, so I should install an elaborate alarm system for peace of mind.  I can’t take my ride to just any a local mechanic because, not only does he not have the equipment to work on it, but the warranty is void unless an authorized dealer performs the service.  Once all of this is paid for (or financed more likely) I need to get insurance to protect my investment from unexpected problems.

I would not look right sporting around town in the clothes I have now, forcing me to purchase name brand clothes to look the part.  Now my wife and I need a tan.  We need to go on extravagant vacations to show off.  It couldn’t be parked in my current middle class garage, leading me to acquire a larger upper scale home for my car.  The list goes on and on, but you get the point.

Stuff consumes us.  We think we want happiness in the form of natural toys, but they cannot provide it.  Ask the movie stars, professional athletes, and music moguls that have committed suicide.  I think I will just continue to be me, and work on my education.  My life may seem boring, but in the grand scheme of things, I am happy.  No fancy cars for me right now.