The Invisible Man

It is not uncommon to hear corporate America use the word transparency.  What do they mean?  Modern technology prevents us from hiding.  And it is this same technology that drives some people toward ethics.  The old saying “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,” has been replaced with, “What happens in Vegas, stays on Facebook.”  This interesting twist has been an incentive for the business world to straighten up their act.  If a politician, CEO, or VIP participates in a questionable activity, you can rest assured that some whistle-blower or paparazzi will discover it and share it with the rest of the world.  We have witnessed the use of the Internet to leak top secret government documents, banking scandals, and cutting edge news, before other media is even aware of the material.  This is not going away.  Now the question is, “How transparent do I want to be?” I definitely do not want people snooping in my personal business, but it is going to happen all the same.  So are we faced with taking our dirty laundry underground?  This seems to be the case with a number of individuals as well as businesses.  They are setting up alias accounts to launder their activity.  I want to be transparent, but I think this gets into a grey area.  Let’s see what happens in the upcoming elections.  It takes a courageous leader to be completely transparent with his faults.