Want to Write a Blog? – Plan First

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” — Winston Churchill

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If only we could say some magic words, or use a special potion, blogging would be a piece of cake.  But sadly, it’s not that easy.  Some specialists believe there are well over a billion blogs out there, so your chances of hitting it big, might be better, playing the lottery.  However, if you are like me. . . you are still interested in blogging in spite of these odds.  Here are a few questions that you should consider before committing:

If you are unable to provide yourself with the answers to these questions, take some time to do research.  If you only want an online diary for personal use, keep it private.  This personal journaling might excuse you from some of the questions, but you still need to have goals.  I am on a quest to write successfully.  Here are the answers for me:
  • Content, design, and a sound marketing plan will contribute to my blogs success.
  • My primary targets are writers and artists.
  • My goal is to exercise my writing skills and develop discipline.
  • Originally, I wanted to have four content-rich posts per week,  I am re-thinking that.
  • There are many people writing about similar things, but none of them are me.
Currently, I am taking a college level course titled, Writing for the Web, and one of my goals is to use this page to practice what I am learning in class.  If you want to tag-along with me on my journey. . . I say welcome.  What tips do you offer to bloggers?