Wish I was “Wasting Away in Margaritaville” Today

Am I the only person that ever wants to run away?  Maybe I am going through mid-life crisis or something, but I don’t want to be here right now.  I have always had a negative opinion about moms and dads that bail out on their family.  However, that is exactly how I feel.  Of course I won’t do this, but I feel the pull. 

In fact, today I want to go finance a Honda Goldwing motorcycle and drive to Mexico.  I love my wife, kids, and friends, but part of me wants to run and never look back.  Financial pressure, social challenges, an overloaded school schedule, and family tension are all contributing to my frustration.  I don’t want to flake-out, but at this moment. . .  sitting on the beach, with a cold margarita in hand, while listening to Jimmy Buffet sounds mighty attractive.  I have confidence that if I persevere I will feel different, but that is not where my brain wants to go. 

This leads me to my thoughts about leadership.  Do all leaders feel this way?