“You’re All Gonna’ Die” Type of Leadership

Today I ran across a couple of music videos from a self-professed Christian “minister” and it provoked me to follow a certain line of thought. These kinds of people (and many like him) have been around for millenia. In fact, they have probably been in existence since the first argument on this planet. His three most popular songs are called:

(WARNING-Do Not Click These Links! They Will Stick in Your Head!)

You’re All Gonna’ Die

It’s Not Okay to be Gay

It’s a Baby not a Blob

(I told you not to click them!)

Each of these songs was written with a specific purpose in mind. They were intended to provoke people to think. Which. . . is exactly what I did. However, after I did my thinking, I probably came to different conclusions than the author of the song. I did not wrestle with any of the issues that the preacher wanted me to wrestle with. What I wrestled with was based on leadership. Here are few things that the singing preacher and a good leader have in common. They should:

  • Provoke others to think.

  • Have a goal and a purpose. 

  • Persuade others to follow. (How can you lead without a following?)  

  • Be an example of what their type of thinking produces.

This particular post is not about whether or not there is a hereafter, homosexuality, or abortion. It is about producing something in my life that causes others to want to follow me. What am I provoking others to think about? Do I have a goal and a purpose worth sharing? Should I lead others in the same direction as I am going? And what kind of example have these thoughts produced in my life? Is it something that I would recommend others follow?

Tune in Wednesday to find out the answers to “Why am I here?”